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Penta Real Estate not putting a stop to their projects despite the coronavirus crisis

Undeterred by a considerable economic slowdown caused by the global spread of COVID-19 disease, we are stopping neither the construction of our projects being underway nor the ongoing selling processes. Construction of SKY PARK by Zaha Hadid and Bory Bývanie in Bratislava as well as the selling processes within the second and third stage of Bory Bývanie are both underway.

Penta Real Estate closely observes and assesses the development of the situation in-house to be able to react flexibly if needed, and the company is not stopping any of their construction works or selling processes for now, following a regime of strict measures to ensure the maximum health protection for all employees. Obligatory temperature measurement, compulsory protective masks and more stringent requirements on personal hygiene have been adopted for all employees on building sites.

“For now, our priority is to carry out all ongoing construction projects which we aim to complete on schedule, delivering the quality product to our clients in the end irrespective of the current coronavirus crisis. In Slovakia, we are now carrying out construction of two projects in Bratislava – SKY PARK by Zaha Hadid and Bory Bývanie 2 – where we are managing to keep the construction running, encountering no significant problems and working at a cracking pace despite the coronavirus crisis,” says Juraj Nevolník, Country Managing Director, Penta Real Estate Slovakia.

“Although our points of sale are closed, the selling process has not been stopped. We are communicating with our clients and prospective buyers by phone or via e-mail. We have not faced a declining demand for our projects by now in connection with the present situation, but it is natural that a part of our deals will definitely be postponed until the situation improves. At the moment, the apartments of the Project Bory Bývanie 2 are for sale and a registration process for prospective buyers of Bory Bývanie 2  is likewise taking place,” adds Alexandra Grič, Head of Sales for Slovakia at Penta Real Estate.