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New Digital Park I

There always comes a moment when you take a look at your building and its architecture and consider a change. On that account, the first Penta Real Estate’s project, Digital Park I office building, underwent a large-scale refurbishment last year. Its goal was to adapt the building’s architecture in a way that would suit entire development and put it into the context of surrounding buildings.

Cladding of the façade was exchanged and now has darker color matching neigboring façades . Colorful signage has been removed from the façade and glowing LED light strips which highlight the shape and dynamics of the building were installed.

Not only the facade but also office premises, technologies, and the lobby have been refurbished. When refurbishing the lobby, our main intention was to preserve its luminousness as well as to enliven it by creating a new informal space. We managed to do this by connecting the lobby with the premises of the new café Fika.

Besides, in common areas, we used natural materials such as wood and stone to underline the high quality of the project.

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